Nude Glosses


So yesterday I went on my weekly trek into town, and bought a few bits and pieces (mostly skincare), and decided I should probably get a nude gloss as all my current ones are bright pinks and purples.
Needless to say, buying nudes and neutrals is a completely baffling experience for me as it’s something I do so rarely.

I ended up buying 2, although it wasn’t planned. I first bought the Miss sporty Hollywood lipgloss in Walk of Fame, and was given a £3 off voucher for No7, so decided to get their version of the same colour, Pink Veil, so that came to £5.50 rather than £8.50. The ladies at the No7 counter took quite the shine to my hair and eyebrows, and even asked for a photo of me which was a little confusing given how neutral-centric the brand is.
My eyebrows often seem to draw a lot of attention, and people ask how I draw them, which is a little odd to me considering I don’t do anything special with them. When I went to Urban Decay the other weekend, both a sales assistant and the assistant manager were in love with them, and the AM even asked me to drop my CV in! If it weren’t for the prohibitive cost and time of commuting I would dearly love to work there. 😦

Anywho, I digress. Onto the reviews!
First up is the Miss Sporty Hollywood lipgloss (top swatch), which I believe was £2.99
I decided for my first nude gloss I would get a cheaper one, just in case I didn’t like how they looked on me, but I was pleasantly surprised with both the colour and the quality. Both glosses are quite sheer, but this one definitely has more colour too it and it slightly pinker than the No7.
Both have sponge applicators, but the Miss Sporty’s is better by miles despite the price gap. The only downside I can see is that it doesn’t last very long and I have to reapply fairly often if I am drinking or eating, also a lack of SPF.

As for the No7 High Shine in Pink Veil, this gloss is practically clear when applied, and just gives a shimmer rather than any colour. It lasts much longer than the Miss Sporty and includes SPF 15, but the applicator is shocking and barely picks up any product at all. It takes at least 4 goes to get enough, and as a result I have taken to using the MS wand with it instead.

Overall, if I had to buy one again, it would most likely be the MS one as it looks better, is easier to use, and I have plenty of SPF lip balms I can put underneath.



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